Our Website Privacy Notice & GDPR Statement

This summary is for visitors to the website - comprehensive details can be found in our Privacy Policy document (PDF).

Do we collect any information about you when you visit this website?

No, Metis Therapy does not collect information about visitors to this website. We don't track browsing behaviour, user location/identity, marketing keywords, or website usage data.

Other Websites

Our website may contain links to other websites. This privacy policy and GDPR statement applies only to metistherapy.co.uk, so if you visit other websites you may wish to read their own privacy policies.


If you use our website contact form to get in touch, we receive an email containing any information you voluntarily chose to share. Thereafter, any email communication between you and Metis Therapy is covered by the full Privacy Policy document which can be read in full here.

Do we use cookies?

No, Metis Therapy doesn't use cookies for any purposes. However, for a better user experience and to improve visitors' access to information about Metis Therapy's services, we use the following third-party services:

  • a Google Maps plugin, to illustrate the geographic area in which Metis Therapy's services are available
  • a Twitter feed widget, to display recent Tweets by Metis Therapy
  • a Facebook badge, so that users can find us on social media
These third-party services may place cookies on your computer in accordance with their own data policies, and depending on whether you're signed up or logged into their services.